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For many people who do not know the projector, the off-axis of the projector is a relatively new concept. 

The off-axis of the projector is very important for the installation of the projector. Just a brief introduction to what the off-axis of the projector means, and what is the use of this function.

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Projector off-axis
The difference between off-axis and non-off-axis micro projectors

Through professional technical means, the front lens of the projector lens is made eccentric, and its center is shifted upward, so that the optical path deviates from the original axis after passing through the eccentric lens, forming an off-axis optical path. 

In this way, although the position of the imaging surface of the machine does not move, the position of the imaging surface is raised (lowered when flipped). The position of the projector does not need to be fixed, which solves the problem of the projector obstructing the line of sight. In the case of no bracket, the picture can be successfully and completely shot on the screen because of the off-axis optical path.

The advantage of the off-axis function of the projector is that the optics can be turned, and the projected light can be based on the desktop on which the projector is placed, and the light can be projected on the desktop. Therefore, the image is formed above the plane where the lens is located, without the need for a projector stand, and a complete picture can be projected on a platform such as a table.

The light of an ordinary micro projector is based on the center of the lens to present D. When the table is placed flat without a bracket, a part of the lower part of the image will be projected on the table, and a complete image cannot be projected.

We use micro-projectors more at home or in mobile business office presentations, which is destined to be that the height and distance between the placement of the projector and the screen will not always be just right. In general, the distance projected to the upper and lower sides of the screen will be different. If there is no bracket or a bracket with a suitable height to adjust, this difference will cause a part of the picture not to be on the screen.

Significance of adding off-axis function

The off-axis function is actually the OFFSET function that comes with Texas Instruments DLP technology. Volto's SKY series uses 100% off-axis technology.

The projector with no off-axis technology can only try to fix the machine in the axis direction of the screen, which brings inconvenience to the user. If he is giving a PPT presentation, the projector at the axis position can easily block the audience's line of sight, and may also directly shoot the speaker's eyes. Moreover, in the face of the problem of missing part of the picture, the projector without off-axis technology is helpless without a bracket.

100% off-axis technology makes use of more scenes. After adding off-axis technology, there is no need to worry about forgetting the bracket, shaking the use environment and difficult to fix the bracket, etc. The restrictions on the use environment are further unlocked. Whether it's a running train or a casual road, a relaxing lunch room, or a barbecue stall in summer, any place you need to enjoy audio-visual entertainment is the stage of our Sky series.

Volto's Sky 009Sky010, Sky105 comes with 100% off-axis technology and built-in battery, which is very convenient to carry. We often take it to camping, mountain climbing, and travel. Therefore, portable projectors with batteries often need to be placed in different places to project movies and play music. The addition of the off-axis function is not only to strengthen the portable function, but also to solve the pain point of the projector placement.

DLP off-axis large optical machine delivers better picture quality In addition, K6 imported from Texas Instruments DLP off-axis 12 mm large optical machine can achieve clearer output than ordinary optical machine, compatible resolution can reach 1080P, enhance color Real restoration, and with plus or minus 40° four-way keystone correction function, the adjusted screen ratio is no longer distorted, and the viewing experience is better! Enjoy high-definition highlights while controlling costs, allowing users to enjoy affordable Affordable.

Summary: Micro projectors with off-axis function are suitable for portable projectors. They get rid of the shackles of having to use brackets when they are placed horizontally, and greatly increase the usage scenarios of projection. You can use the projector in the living room and then take the projector to the bedroom. Using it, the projector can be placed anywhere and placed anywhere.

The current projector with off-axis function is our Sky series DLP projector, you can check it here MORE  or send us an inquiry and we will send you more detailed information.

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