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December 02, 2022

how to buy a battery projector

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it's not suggested LCD projector to sell battery version 

why ?

only mini size projector that below 480P models low quality projector will have battery.

normally Small projectors have batteries, but large one generally don’t. Why?

because of the power issue

large projectors normally have good effects, high brightness, and high power.

the battery is DC power, while DC power is not suitable for high power. 

Small projectors with low power, can use DC power . that's why Only some portable small projectors have built-in lithium batteries.


Such projectors have very low power consumption and are designed for outdoor environments or environments where there is no power supply nearby.

while the projector battery voltage is low, the picture quality and brightness are greatly reduced.

so it means, only those mini projector that have 10-30ANSI brightness LCD mini projector will have battery version. 

for 99% LCD projectors, once it powered by it's own battery, the brightness will reduce 30%

you can see it's already only 10-30ANSI, and you reduce 30% when it's powered by it's own battery, the performance is not good 

if you want sell projector with battery, you can choose DLP tech projector, for example below 4 models is very good choice

1, Sky 009 with 480P resolution at 150ANSI lumens, with 5200mAh battery built in ,

2, Sky 105 with 540P resolution at 400ANSI lumens, with 15600mAh battery built in

3, Sky 117 with 800P resolution at 600ANSI lumens with 15600mAh battery built in ,it's the highest specs battery projector ever in WORLD market, the battery version just released in Sep 

our Sky009 , with 12 V charger input,

Sky 105, the handle type with 12-19V charger input,

so if you want use with a power bank, normally the power bank is 5V,

you can use the 5V power bank for charging slowly, it can not use for watching movie when charging with the 5V power bank,

if you are using a power bank more than 12V, you can use it watching movie during charging,connect with a USB cable  

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