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If the projector is not clear, it may be that the screen is not in focus, which can be solved by focusing the screen; it may be that the projection lens is stained, which can be solved by wiping the lens with lens cleaning paper; it may be caused by an improper projection distance, and the problem can be solved by adjusting the projection distance.

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Why the projector is not clear

There are several reasons why the projector is not clear. The specific reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. It may be that the projection screen is not in focus and the screen is not clear, which can be solved by the focus function of the device;

2. It may be that the projection lens is contaminated with stains and affects the picture effect, which can be solved by wiping the lens stains with lens tissue;

3. It may be that the projection distance is too large or too small to ensure the best picture effect. You can adjust the projection distance to solve the problem.


1.What is the delivery time of the mini video projector ?
Sample orders, we always have stock. Can be shipped immediately; bulk ordering, it takes 14-30 days.
2.What methods of payments for the smart home cinema projector do you offer ?
We offer three methods of payments by paypal ,western union and paypal.
3.How long can I get my order when I paid for the 4k projector ultra hd home theater ?
For sample or small quantity: 1-3 working days. Usually We will ship via Express by FedEx, DHL, TNT etc. You will receive it in 3-5 days.


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About Volto Projector

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