Emerging LCD projectors have been progressing, and full sealed optical engine Projector will become the trend

February 08, 2023

The LCD market is booming. Sales are soaring all the way, and many TV brands are pouring in to add LCD projectors to their sales list. 

LCD technology has been developed in China for 7-8 years, and the technology and function have been improving.

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The LCD projector market is booming. Sales are soaring all the way, and many TV brands are pouring in to add LCD projectors to their sales list. 

LCD technology has been developed in China for 7-8 years, and the technology and function have been improving.

However, good and bad LCD projectors are rampant in the market, like to fool consumers with false standards and exaggerated effects.

Insufficient brightness, insufficient resolution, function failure, high noise, yellow screen, burn-in screen, dust and other problems emerge in endlessly.

In particular, many consumers are troubled by 60% of the problems: Why do many LCD projectors have black spots or darken the projected picture, and some have light leakage when watching in a dark environment. This kind of viewing experience is not good  ideal 

How can we improve, how can we make LCD projectors better in quality and better in customer experience?

To answer these questions, it start with the optical machine of the LCD projector, let's first understand the internal structure and principle of the projector:

The fuselage structure of the projector is mainly composed of the optical path and heat dissipation. The brightness of the light source determines the brightness of the projector; the brightness of the projector is proportional to the power of 

the light source

In order to meet the needs of customers, projector manufacturers continue to increase the brightness of the projector, which means that the power of the light source also needs to be increased, which is followed by higher calorific value. If the internal temperature of the optical machine is too high, the related projection will be accelerated. The aging rate of the internal components of the instrument

About the LCD projector open light engine

In order to reduce the temperature inside the optical machine, slow down the aging speed of its internal components, and take into account cost control, more than 90% of LCD projectors in China use open optical machines

The heat dissipation air path inside the open optical machine is connected with the outside world, and circulates heat with the external air, that is, the external air is sucked in by the cooling fan and then exported through the heat source, so as to reduce the internal temperature of the optical machine. (The heat source refers to the heat generated by the light source, the light loss in the optical path, and the heating of the circuit board)

However, due to the existence of a certain amount of suspended particles (dust) invisible to the naked eye in the air, if the projector inhales the dust and adheres to the LCD screen of the projector, it will cause the problem of "black spots" on the projection screen, resulting in poor projection effect. This is the root cause of the projector's black dot problem

In addition, LCD projectors with an open design are prone to light leakage. When watching movies in a dark environment, light leaks through the gaps in the fuselage, making the overall product look cheap.

full sealed optical engine LCD Projector is the trend

Therefore, efficient heat dissipation has become a compulsory course for projection. In addition to heat dissipation, it is necessary to eliminate the heat accumulation and dust accumulation problems that may be caused by the heat dissipation air duct. This is a huge challenge for the open optical machine. In fact, this is also a technical problem that the entire LCD projector industry is facing. LCD technology has been developed in China for 7-8 years. Compared with DLP, which has more than 30 years of technology, we still have more room for imagination and development opportunities.

This is why it is said that the closed light machine design is the main development direction of the LCD projector light machine in the future

Why is a fully enclosed optical machine more advantageous?

The fully enclosed optical machine has a completely enclosed mechanism inside and is assembled in a dust-free workshop.

The biggest feature of the closed optical machine is that the optical path of the optical machine is a closed and independent structure inside, isolated from the outside world, and it must be assembled in a dust-free workshop that reaches at least 10,000-level dust-proof standards, eliminating the impact of dust on the LCD screen ; After the assembly is completed, the interior of the optical path of the optical machine is no longer connected to the outside world. The heat dissipation of the light source is handled separately on the outside of the optical machine, and the temperature of the internal parts is reduced through the internal air circulation + ingenious heat dissipation design inside the optical path of the optical machine.

What can the sealed optical mechanism bring to consumers?

1 is to effectively prevent dust from entering and protect optical components in all directions. The brightness is doubled.

2 On the other hand, the heat dissipation of the light source is handled separately inside the optical machine, which also takes into account the heat dissipation requirements. Prevents the aging of internal components and prolongs the life of the projector

3 Effectively solve the light leakage problem of the open optical machine. The picture is clearer, cleaner and more transparent. There is also less noise.

Which is Volto full sealed optical engine LCD Projector now?

Volto Sun 730 Google Authorized Genuine Android System Native 1080P Video Projector home theater for home and meeting

Fully enclosed light engine Excellent dustproof ability can prevent LCD projector screen from turning yellow and black spots after long-term use, prolonging the service life of projection. At the same time, the problem of light leakage of the product is solved. Consumers can use it normally after purchasing the projector, and do not need to do other maintenance actions such as regular dust removal.

The closed optical machine solves the problems of dust prevention and heat dissipation from the source. is a more advanced design.

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