What is the difference between bulb machine, LED projection and laser projection? Which projector should I Purchase?

March 31, 2023
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What is the difference between bulb machine, LED projection and laser projection? Which one should I buy?

It is generally believed that the light sources of projectors can be divided into three categories, namely traditional light bulb light sources (including metal halide lamps, ultra-high pressure mercury lamps, xenon lamps, etc.), LED light sources and laser light sources. The order in which these projection light sources appear is traditional bulb light sources, LED light sources, and laser light sources.

1. Traditional bulb light source

Metal halide lamps are low in price and short in life, generally no more than 2000 hours, and the brightness of the bulb will be reduced by half after 1000 hours of use, and now they have gradually withdrawn from the ranks of projection bulbs.

The price of UHE lamp is moderate, it is a kind of ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, the general life is about 4000 hours, it is generally used in low-end projectors, and the brightness will not decay too much after long-term use, and the performance is relatively smooth.

The UHP lamp, which is also an ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, is a little higher in price, but it has high brightness and long service life, and is mostly used in higher-end projection products. Now UHP lamps are also frequently appearing in home and commercial projection products. Usage has been increasing.

The cost of xenon lamps is even more expensive, and the price generally ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Families with normal income levels can’t use such a high-end projector, but for local tyrants, I can only say, you can do whatever you want~

The traditional light bulb light source has a history of many years, but it has not been eliminated, mainly because the brightness of the traditional light bulb light source is much higher than that of the LED light source, which can reach more than 3000 lumens, and the price is not as expensive as the laser light source. From a point of view, the bulb light source still has great advantages.

2. LED light source

In recent years, the development of LED light sources has become more and more mature, and the price has become lower and lower. In terms of projectors, the main significance of the appearance of LED lights is to open up a new way for the miniaturization of the fuselage. Its portability and The simple operating system makes it fill the gaps that traditional projectors cannot do. At present, most of the micro projectors and home smart projectors use LED light sources.

The biggest advantage of LED projectors over traditional bulb light sources is their durability. The life of LED light sources is as high as 20,000 hours, which is about ten times that of traditional projectors. It can be said that projection equipment using LED light sources can basically realize that there is no need to change the light source within a few years of use. The light color produced by the projection using LED light source is more pure, and the color saturation is higher than that of bulb light source.

The weakness of the LED light source is that its brightness has a certain gap with the traditional light source. The brightness of the projector with the LED light source is basically within 1500 ANSI lumens. This is also the main reason why LED light sources cannot replace bulb light sources, but overall, LED light sources are still a projection light source with great development potential.

3. Laser light source

A laser light source is a light source that uses the photoelectric effect to make excited particles emit light under the action of stimulated radiation. Laser light source is completely different from bulb light source and LED light source. First, the color of laser is very pure, and its monochromaticity is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary light source. This makes the projection equipment of the laser light source much larger than the bulb light source in terms of color performance, and has strong stability. After long-term use, the image quality will also maintain high brightness, color saturation and contrast, and the color of the picture will always be consistent.

The laser is also excellent in brightness performance. By increasing the number of lasers, the luminous flux of a single laser projector can easily reach 10,000-50,000 lumens or even higher, and the service life of the light source is still very high. There is no need to replace the light source during the service life.

Laser light sources are excellent in color performance, brightness, and lifespan, but the cost of laser light sources is indeed relatively high, and laser projectors can only appear in the high-end market, which is also the main reason why laser projectors do not occupy a large share in the market. reason.

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