The introduction for Netflix image quality when playbacks videos

April 06, 2024

Have you ever doubted that why your projector support 1080P,4K image quality, but only support the image quality of 720p or below when using Netflix? Below is the explanation which would helpful for you. 

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     Currently Netflix actual playback only shows three types which are SD(Standard Definition), HD(High Definition) and HDR(High Dynamic Range). Netflix's HD refers to 1080p and 720p, and many Android devices support HD but still only play up to 720p.At present Netflix only supports up to 1080p for devices, and there will be reasons why you can only see 720p videos as follows:


    1.Mobile (Netfilx, Hulu, and other service providers check Widevine DRM ratings, with L3 being able to watch as low as 480P and L1 as high as 4K):Netflix limit the image quality to SD 540p if you're using most Chinese phones except Huawei (Mate 10, Mate 20, P20, Nova3) and OnePlus (OnePlus 6, 7), as well as the Honor 10, such as the Xiaomi Mi 9. Meanwhile, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Google's flagship devices of the last two years all support HD and HDR, and you can refer to Netflix's official list of supported devices for more details. 

    2.On computer web-based, most servers will limit your video, such as Chrome can only see 720P video.

    Google Chrome: up to 720P

    Chrome OS: up to 1080P

    Internet Explorer: up to 1080P

    Microsoft Edge: up to 4K

    Mozilla Firefox: up to 720P

    Opera: up to 720P

    Mac OS X 11.0 or updated version Safari: up to 4K



    3.For TV, only certified boxes can watch Netflix box version

    Apple TV : supports 4K.  

    Mi Box S international version: supports 4K and HDR.

    Nvidia Shield and Nvidia Shield Pro: support 4K and HDR.  

    Xbox One S and Xbox One X: support all image quality.

    Chromecast Ultra : Supports 4K and Dolby version.  

    Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick: Supports 4K and Dolby version. 


    4.For Projectors, the Android OS system can only support 480P, while the software that comes with the Linux or ATV official version can support HD and HDR video.


    5.Member account, different account levels will affect the video quality (SD,HD,HDR).


    6.Network environment, If you set up the subscription that has highest level on Netflix then the broadband internet speed should be greater than 25Mbps and the definition setting should be set to high in order to see videos in HD and above!


    System with official netflix, theoretically can support HD and above video quality.If require more clear image quality, need to check member account privileges or network smoothness and other factors.


    In conclusion, there are several factors that affect the image quality when playback videos on Netflix including the device we use (Mobile phone, Computer,TV and Projectors ) , Member privileges and network smoothness. 

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