What is the operating memory and memory of the projector, and what does it do?? | Volto Projector

September 16, 2022

With the popularity of home smart projection, more and more people are starting to use projection. 

However, the choice of projectors with a wide range of parameters and specifications dazzles buyers. 

So today, let's learn about two important things about smart projection, storage and memory.

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1. Projector storage

The full name of the operation memory is the running memory, and the English abbreviation is RAM. 

The function of the projector's operating memory is to provide temporary data storage space for the operating system and running programs of the smart projector. 

The size of the memory is very important for smart projectors. The larger the memory, the more programs can be run in the background, and the faster the program can be run. 

Therefore, you must pay attention to the storage size when purchasing a smart projector.

2. The projector's memory

The projector's memory is abbreviated as ROM in English. Its function is the same as that of the hard disk,and it is responsible for storing and saving data. 

How many apps can be installed on the projector and how many pictures and videos can be stored depends on the size of the projector's memory. 

Therefore, when purchasing a projector, the size of the memory is also a concern. If the memory is too small,

you will always have to consider whether the memory is enough when installing the program, and a projector with a large memory allows you to install your favorite programs as you like. 

Now in the projection market, most of them are 1+8G, 2G+16G storage combination, and the projection above is rare,

for example, VOLTO Factory projector Sky 009, sky 105 is a 2G+32G storage combination.

Volto's 2G memory allows it to run multiple programs in the background without being affected by lag, 

and the 32G memory allows users to download and install apps with confidence.

It can be said to be the leader in home smart projection.

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