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Quality is Our Culture 

all the multimedia projectors approved by CE,ROHS,FCC,CCC,PSE etc certificates strictly tested at least 9 times before shipping. 

Defective rates tightly controlled at 0 %.

R&D department and QC control are highly emphasized in our factory 

equipped with more than 30 technical  staff, and we make sure 100% guarrantee and 24month warranty for any of our  projectors


Volto Projector Qulity Control Products | Volto Projector
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Quality is Volto's First Consideration


Molding refers to the tool group that forms the product design, including mechanical equipment and molds, and is also a production process that accounts for a higher total investment.

Volto Manufacture pay much attention to molding 

The mold is an essential tool for batch molding of products.

The shape, structure, size and even the effect of the surface of the product need to be formed by the mold.

Therefore Volto have invested a lot of money in mold opening


Designers will design engineering drawings, determine appearance, style, structure, function, principle, process flow, required materials, etc.


Raw Material Inspection

Our raw materials of the highest  quality,which ensure stability of the video projector best viewing experience  and long lifespan.
takes this Sky 117 projector for instance, 

The lens we adopt 99% evaporation optical  processing, it' s designed as an integrated airtight optical path,  which  won’t be damaged even with steel wire and better protects the optical  machine

adpots MStar6A638 CPU and A fully  enclosed optical machine with 100% off-axis, never enters dust,  maintenance-free design, using 10 optical coating  lenses

Using the high-efficiency light source of German OSRAM  3RGB, equipped with the color reproduction algorithm of CPU  HDR10

According to the conversion of the lifespan of light  source from the LED laboratory , the lifespan of the LED light is up to 30,000  hours

QA Inspection

if all the projector raw materials tested are OK,then our engineer will put  the first video projectors assembled with above tested spare parts

to check the compatibility and performance,and test lifespan of projectors
Switch-on and off  > 100 times
Continuous playback > 10 hours.
Defective rate = 0


Assembly Line Online Test

if the sample projectors tested perfect we'll arrange mass production and 100%  online test for every projector

and there is QC supervisor doing random  check on projectors 

Aging test 2 times   

The video projectors will be put on the  shell and playback for at least 2 hours to check if it’s works fine

and we'll arrange aging test again before  well pack the projectors 

Package test  

if the former test all approved ,we'll  pack the projector into PEP foam,and put the attachments like adpater,AV cable,HDMI cable, remote control etc

and pack them into strong and thick  enhanced outer carton

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