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February 23, 2022

These home theater projectors are perfect for home use.

As life gets better and better, most people want to watch movies at home, just like in the cinema.

But in a room, with family, with friends...just with the people you love~

Enjoy more comfort, convenience, ease, and lower consumption

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What is Home Use projector ?
4K 3D projector

About projector

There are main two kinds of projectors in the market .

One of the Projectors is for commercial use,(like EPSON、BenQ……)

The other kind of projectors is for home use projector ,( like XGIMI、JmGo、Anker、Volto……)


Traditional projector

So for the commercial use,also known as traditional projector by many .This type of projector uses a traditional high-pressure mercury lamp, and the advantages are very obvious: 

1. the brightness is very high, usually 3000ansi lumens ---5000 ansi lumens.

2. Very big screen from 80inches---300inches

3. Very good for Educational use, training classrooms, conference room presentations, and even home theaters

4. Need the addition of audio or something,  if you want to create a home theater at home and watch movies. You can invite three or five friends to watch football and K songs at home, and the atmosphere is also first-class

5.  In addition, the projection has no radiation and will not harm the eyes.

Why it is not very good for Home use?

There is some reason :

1. Big size

with the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp( UHP),the projector is very big compare with the home use projector ,(The general installation method is hoisting,Requires a special hoisting bracket)

2. Short life span ,From 4000-8000h.

 And what use for 1-2 years ,you neet to repair or maintain it

3. Expensive maintenance costs

Due to the high brightness, a large amount of energy needs to be consumed, and the corresponding heat generated is also very large, which will illuminate the internal radiator, screen, LCD liquid crystal screen... These main components are very offend need repair 


4. Loud noise

Due to the high heat generated by traditional projectors, a very strong cooling system is required.Therefore, when the projector is working, it will generate relatively large noise, which is not suitable for home use.

5. Picture quality and sound are not suitable for home theater

Because of different uses, traditional projectors don't care about or some of them are do not equipped with excellent sound systems, which require additional audio connections

6. No operating system

The biggest difference between traditional projection and home smart projection is whether there is an operating system. Home smart projectors have an operating system, while ordinary projectors do not.

For example, the traditional projector takes the BenQ W1130, which is often seen in schools and office scenarios, as an example. It has no intelligent operating system and must be connected to an operating system such as a smart set-top box or a computer to project content.

What about the home theater projector ?

For Home theater projectors are not known to the general public

Because the home theater projector market is a new product for consumers,With all the advantages of traditional projectors, improved and innovative, it is currently the home appliance product of choice for the vast majority of households ( The convenience, intelligence, and lightness of projectors are gradually replacing the position of TVs in the home. )



What is the Advantage of home theater projector?

This is for people who want to spend the time and money to reproduce the dark viewing experience of a commercial movie theater in their home.

So Here is the very good point of home use projector

1.  Supper mini body of home theater projector

For some can just as the size as your cell phone ,so call phone projector

And almost all the home used projector can be easily hold by one hand!!

2. Very long life time of the home theater projector 

Use the LED light souse ,more vivid color and more long life .From 30000hours -50000hour or even more ,that means for 5hours a day,you can use the home theater projector for 17 years

3. Very beautiful and unique shape

The home theater projector body is petite and cute, there are various styles to choose from, lying down, standing, carrying handle, mobile phone, not only can replace the TV to make the home have a large screen theater, but also can be directly used as decoration

4. Very quite ,no noise

Volto home theater projector, in order to be more suitable for home use, specially pay attention to and solve this problem Picture quality and sound are not suitable for home theater ,give you more wonderful experience of movie time

5. More moving sound

Most projectors have only one built-in speaker, but most of Volto's home theater projectors are equipped with double speakers, Dolby sound support, and restore the concert scene.

6. More clearer ,more vivid 4K 3D PROJECTOR

High-definition picture quality, ultra-high-definition 2K/4K projectors, these increasingly high-definition resolutions are only available for home theater projector, so that you can have a more perfect physical examination when watching movies

7. 3D movie just need a home theater projector

Home theater projector, equipped with high-definition picture quality, more desirable is the 3D function, you can have a 3D movie viewing experience at home like in the cinema just with a home theater projector and a 3D glass

8. 16.67m color range ,HDR10

With 3RGB LED light source ,it capable of more 16.67m color ,more vivid color ,give you the real color of picture

9. Built-in latest Android system

Like the mobile phone, there is a chip equipped with MStar848 for processing a large amount of system data, and the 2GB home theater projector runs and processes the memory. With this system, the projector can be the same as the mobile phone. The functions, usage scenarios, and frequency UP UP!!

About home use projector

If you love the pure, super high quality film and video experience, nothing can beat it.

Because home theater projectors are meant to be viewed in the dark, they are designed to give you absolute maximum black levels and contrast. 

Meanwhile, the picture quality is optimized with not too much brightness since an overly bright picture in a dark room will give you eyestrain and a headache before too long.


Enjoy home theathre !

simple one projector, a home projector ,bring you Unforgettable experiences and fond memories


Star 202

Mini Projector 


Fire 505

Home Theater Projector 


Sun 606

1080P Projector


Sky 009

DLP Projector 



  • Q
    What is the delivery time for the volto home theater projector ?
    Sample orders, we always have stock. Can be shipped immediately; bulk ordering, it takes 14-30 days.
  • Q
    What is your minimum order quantity of this home use projector ?
    Conventional products are always in stock, and the minimum order quantity is 1.Your own OEM/ODM design, the MOQ is based on your requirements, and the specific MQO is determined through negotiation.
  • Q
    What is your quality of Volto home theater projector ?
    We have strict quality control system ,every projector will be tested >9 times from incoming inspection to loading container ,the home theater projector defective rate is strictly controlled 0%.
  • Q
    What about the goods?
    We will transport parcels by EMS/DHL/UPS/TNT/Sea.
  • Q
    What should I do if I find that the home theater projector is of poor quality or damaged?
    If you are not responsible for destroying them, then we will replace it for you without any additional cost. The product warranty period is 1 year. If you have questions about after-sales products, please welcome to contact us.
  • Q
    What methods of payments do you offer?
    We offer three methods of payments by paypal ,western union and paypal.
  • Q
    When can I get the quotation?
    We usually quote within 1 hours after getting your home theater projector inquiry. If you are very urgent, please contact us by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp or Wechat. You can find all our sales’s contact information in this page.
  • Q
    Can I order a sample to check the quality?
    Samples are welcome to try. And for most of our home theater projector , the price difference between the sample and the bulk can be deducted from bulk.
  • Q
    How long can I get my order when I paid for this home theater projector?
    For sample or small quantity: 1-3 working days. Usually We will ship via Express by FedEx, DHL, TNT etc. You will receive it in 3-5 days.
  • Q
    Can your company do supplier/product development for customer?
    Yes! Volto has a strong team focus on this case. We are located in Zhongshan city which is specialized in projectors .

What is the home theater projector ? | Volto Projector

What is the home theater projector ? | Volto Projector

What is the home theater projector ? | Volto Projector

What is the home theater projector ? | Volto Projector

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