How to choose Home Theater Projector ? | Volto Projector

March 23, 2022

Home Theater Projector Buyer's Guide

Every home theater is unique. 

If you have specific questions about your HOME THEATER building, 

we strongly recommend running them with highly knowledgeable about Projectors

Every one want to have a good and cost-effective home mini projectors

And that is what Volto's gold for this ~

How to choose Home Theater Projector ? | Volto Projector
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What bright should my projector be? 

Projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumens*.

Home theater projectors generally start out at about 80 ansi lumens to the range upwards to 1650 ansi lumens and more. 

and some people if want to see the movies in the day light ,that need for more higher brightness 

Your viewing environment is the deciding factor on how many lumens your projector needs. 

Build a home theaters (rooms with controlled lighting and no ambient light) will not require as much brightness as a space with ambient light from windows or other household lighting

How much do I need to know about image quality? 

The three most important factors affecting image quality are native resolution, your source material, and the projector's contrast ratio

for the resolution

  1. 1. the -Mini projectors (under 480*360 p) is for kids use ,watching cartoons or some promotional gift 

  2. 2. the  -Entry level Home Theater projectors (start with 480*360   said 480P-720p) ,

  3. for some new customer who just come to this business ,selling to customer for home use with a tight budget

  4. 3. the Higher-end HD Home Theater projectors (start with1280*720,said 720p-1080p) 

  5. for the projector with this resolution ,that can meet for almost all the family home use,

  6. seens you are very high demand and doing furnitures before ,this 720p series is very great for you to start the business !!

4. the Full HD (THAT IS 1920*1080 said 1080p) projectors 
full HD projector resolution 1920*1080,many customers buying for home educational use,small office use ,or classroom use etc
to make sure  can see the tiny words clearly and can see the words even in strong light condition when you open window


What is native aspect ratio? 

Because projectors are a fixed resolution display device, they have what is called a native aspect ratio. The most common aspect ratios for projectors are 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9. That means that the chip inside the projector is shaped in the specified 4:3, 16:10 or 16:9 proportions. Think of the chip as a miniature version of the image you will see on your screen.

What is 3D home theater projectors?

A 3D projector is used to map three-dimensional data to a two-dimensional surface such as a screen or a wall. 

As opposed to images from a traditional projector, those from a 3D projection allows the viewer to sense depth.

 This feeling of depth lets the audience experience a simulation of the experience happening in real-time.

Two nearly identical images are projected onto the screen simultaneously to create this simulation of depth.

Yes, to view the screen properly, you need a pair of active 3D glasses that can see the movies , allowing you see both images with each eye. 

These 3D glasses are sometimes included with the projector package or can be bought standalone.

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