What is the future of home use mini projector?

April 28, 2022

Future projectors will replace the traditional bulbs light  with LED or lasers. 

And every family will have a home use movie projector at home ,have a movie time as they like 

and with LED or Laser light ,the life time can reach for more then 10 years do not need to refix 

AS the projector feaure can increase the projections size up to 200 inches, as well as expanding the life of the light source to up to 30000 hours!

so many people will buy home projector instead of TV

What is the future of home use mini projector?
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About projector

I remember that when I was a child, there was only one TV at home. The whole family was surrounded by a small screen with a size of 20 inches, and the child was sitting in front of the TV. Thinking about it now, it is very warm, but at that time it was really different. convenient

Now, our technology is getting more and more developed, and the TV is getting bigger and bigger. However, there is a movie theater. If we want to watch a movie, we always go to the movie theater to watch it. Not free, can only stay still in his chair for 2 hours until the end of the movie

Then came the projector

I realize that while current home projectors are better than big TVs of the past,

1. Watching TV at home, you don't have to watch it in one place all the time, sometimes you can watch it in the room

2. The light of the projector is more protective for glasses, and I don’t have to worry about children watching TV more.

3. I can't take my two screaming kids to the cinema in a blizzard, watch movies at home, and more for my own use

4. The 200inch big screen is easy to watch movies, which is more comfortable than TV.

So, the best thing I can do is get excited that I can get close to something that feels like it's real. 

we are very close with kids. Now, there are a lot of great projectors to choose from.


Lighting and image quality continue to get better.

 As long as you have a wall or a screen, you can buy one of these babies and turn any room into a  home theater.

There are some great projectors available today. 

But where are they going? 

What does the future hold for these one-eyed bright entertainment boxes? 

When it comes to the future, the manufacturers that produce projectors are focusing on 2 factors to take their product to the next level: the source of light, and it’s black and white contrast.

Normally, home projectors have been made with light bulbs. 

Future projectors will replace those light bulbs with LED or lasers. This feaure can increase the projections size up to 200 inches, as well as expanding the life of the light source to up to 30,000 hours!

When it comes to black and whites, future projectors will have an incredible contrast between the two. 

The brightest whites and the deepest blacks will no longer look like a pixilated grey…in horror movies, nothing is scarier than when the victim walks into a pixilated gray room!

But, there’s more than just large beautiful projections to look forward to! Inserting lasers will turn the standard wall projection completely upside down. 

The kids could also learn math, play piano, drums, solve mazes and even draw pictures touching a table surface…all without requiring me to buy a piano, a drum set, or clean up any mess that comes along with it.

It’s obvious the future of home projectors is not only exciting, it’s right upon us.

I may still have kids smack me on the side of the head as I watch the big game, but I’ll rest easy knowing I’m nice and warm, clean, and I can go sleep or eating alone in peace.

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