How to avoid eye damage in online classes, detailed operation steps for projector online classes

How do I cast an online class to a projector? How to operate the projector online class? Let’s see the details step.

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The harmfulness of online classes on mobile phones and tablets has attracted the attention of many parents.

 How to avoid eye damage in online classes and how to operate online classes with projectors have become more concerned about parents. 

More and more parents choose to protect their children's eyesight.

Purchase a projector for online classes; the projector's projection screen adopts the principle of diffuse reflection, which also minimizes the harm of class equipment to the eyes.



1. Wireless mirracast projection


  1. Ipad and Iphone wireless mirracast:

  2. Many parents will use Ipad to give their children online lessons before. Here we will give priority to the way of Ipad wireless screen projection.

  3. There is a one-key mirracast  function on Apple devices [Screen mirroring] Click to complete, Apple Mobile phone method is the same as above.

Mobile phone mirracast : 

First, we connect the mobile phone and the projection device to the same network,

open the [Wireless Screencasting] in the mobile phone 】Search for projector devices to connect.


2. Wired projection to the projector


Ipad wired screen projection method: 

First, we need to prepare a Type-c data port to HDMI cable and a Lightning digital video converter to realize wired screen projection;

 insert the Lightning digital video converter into the interface on the class equipment, and then plug the HDMI cable into. You can cast the screen by putting on the projector.


Mobile phone wired screen projection method: 

Take Huawei mobile phone as the representative, prepare a Type-c data port to HDMI cable, after purchasing an adapter, connect the mobile phone, 

power supply and projection device in turn, and then open the USB shared network option in the mobile phone , 

after the quasi-adapter is powered on, the content of the online course can be projected to the projector.


Laptop Wired Screen  projection method:

Use HDMI to link the computer and the projector, select the signal source HDMI, you can realize the same screen of the computer and the projector, and then you can watch the online class directly.


The projector has a large screen and built-in speakers, which is very Suitable for students to watch online classes, which can cut more clearly and protect the eyes. And the daily life you can also enjoy the big screen movie at home

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