How to play a projector with phone ?

May 21, 2022

Why you need a projector ?

Where you can have a great projector ?

How can we play the projector ?

what kind of device it a projector can connect ?

Can I connect a mini projector with a phone ?

How to play a projector with phone ?
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How to play a projector with phone ?

How to play a Smart Projector with your cell phone ?

Nowadays, mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. Many of us own mobile phones.

The mobile phone is always with you: watching TV, watching movies, socializing, working...

Life is almost inseparable from mobile phones, so what can be better than having a better tool that can connect directly to the mobile phone and let us put down the mobile phone and enjoy movie time with our family? ?

Of course the answer is yes, that is the projector. Connecting the projector with a mobile phone to play movies directly saves time and money

So how do we use it? ?

1. Switch on the Smart projector.

2. Connect the Smart projector to your home WiFi 

3. Connect your phone with the same WiFi 

4. Open your phone setting searching " cast "

5. Connect your phone with projector 

6. Ok ,down.Launch the movie app in your phone 

Select your favorite TV show or Hollywood blockbuster and sit back and relax!

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