How to layout the new small LED projector in 2022?

June 23, 2022

How will the future of the projector market go?

A consensus seems to have formed on the choice of the industry's head companies to drive mini home projectors to really enter the market - companies that have already launched corresponding products have increased their efforts to promote the project on the ground.

Companies that have not made products for projectors are actively laying out R&D for this new product, 

and all those doing consumer electronics want to share the profits and have joined in manufacture the projectors

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At present, the main increment of small-pitch LED market comes from two ends: one is the development of the sinking market, LCD products, large-scale, low-price into the three or four lines, and even county-level application market; the second is a smaller pitch products, open up a large market of applications between 100-200 inches.

Among them, 100-200 inches of application is a test of industry technology and cost control power of the typical "new scene". This application to the small size side of the interface 98-inch LCD TV products. The latter is currently the lowest price of less than 20,000 yuan, the display effect is also relatively outstanding. However, the LCD product display size is difficult to break through the 100-inch limit.

More than 200 inches market is by the traditional 3LCD projector has "taken" the scene space. From the traditional competitors, 150-200 inches + display is mainly engineering projection display applications - but, with the projector special display principle is different, short focus LED screen in the "light conditions" of the visual effect is better.

Most of the display applications in conference rooms, commercial, advertising and other scenarios require better lighting conditions. This provides the necessary demand-side and competition-side conditions for 100-200-inch market micro-pitch LED display products to achieve "application advantages". In such a context, the development of 100-200-inch small pitch LED screen market, more only the "supply side" of the problem remains.

From the supply point of view, the 100-200-inch display market needs.

1. A more friendly price. In this regard, home LED projectors rely on continuous accumulation of experience and gradual product process improvement, is increasingly effective. Especially in the past three years, Volto LCD projector products have achieved some high-end market success, and there is a decline of about 30% in price.

Industry analysts believe that LCD projector products are expected to be optimized in terms of price point and have some market feasibility.

At the same time, the industry is expected in the next two years, including mini LED chips and other LED display upstream industry chain, especially for the supply of industry chain of micro-pitch products will be significantly improved, product technology, manufacturing process level will also be significantly improved, the industry market is facing a round of price cost reduction may

2. On the supply side, the small pitch LED is approaching the 100-200 inch market, but also facing the PPI resolution and LCD display effect and other "hard interface" needs. Simply put, 75-98 inch LCD has achieved 4K resolution; 100 + of the micro-pitch LED screen resolution can not be too ugly. At the same time, 100-200-inch applications, corresponding to the nearest viewing distance of 3-7 meters, or even closer to the viewing distance. Closer viewing distance to ensure the effect of picture quality, but also need "higher PPI resolution", that is, the need for smaller pixel pitch.

In this regard, Volto home projector indicators can provide 4K resolution on 120 inches +, which happens to be the resolution of the current mainstream audiovisual applications, and with 98-inch LCD monitors can form a size line interface, there is also enough difference in the size of the display area

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