Is the projector worth it? Are projectors worth the investment?

June 27, 2022

We all know that many products are updated very quickly, the previous year's release of products may be eliminated after this year's technology update, the price of these products are not cheap, buy a product that does not keep its value home is really very loss

The projector market is also rapidly rising in the past few years, every year there will be new technology born countless new releases, this article we say on the projector product warranty, which type of projector on the market is the most valuable, buy home the most cost-effective

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Why is it that projectors can also become financial products?

Referring to the 2022 projector market product retention rate chart, comparing the same period product models, 

Volto SKY 009PRO, although released in April last year, still has a super high retention rate of 90.12%, 

since its launch has been a great concern to the majority of projector enthusiasts, it has been sold out of stock several times, it can be said that a machine is hard to find, to grab a Volto SKY It is hard to get a Volto SKY 009PRO projector, and it is said to be the lucky one of the year by the whole network.

1: How to calculate the warranty of a projector

Digital products, like cars, can be transferred twice, which is a key point in measuring the value of a projector;

the value retention rate of a projector will be affected by factors such as brand, technology, usage, version upgrades, etc.

For users who buy used products, these factors are to be measured, and for novice users we certainly don't want to buy a product that will easily drop in price when we buy a projector, so these factors It can also be used as a measure of whether a product can be used for a long time when purchased by novice users.

We can get the corresponding product's exclusive price in the more authoritative internet second-hand market, and through certain arithmetic methods we can derive the approximate range of this product's retention rate; the more recognized retention rate algorithm in the market is: retention rate = second-hand market transaction amount / new product official guide price * 100%

You can pick up the projector at home to salted fish app to see the corresponding second-hand price to see The projector's value retention rate

2: The best-selling projector brand warranty on the market

The head home projector brands on the market today are roughly these: Polaroid, Epson, BenQ, Xiaomi, and so on.

These are the products that are recognized on the Jingdong projector sales list. The projector is the most valuable brand in these brands.

The new mini home projection tops the list with a high retention rate of 91.39%

referring to the data of various APP and other second-hand transfer platforms, in the current projector industry market, Polaris, Xiaomi, Volto and other brands have the highest retention rate

However to the traditional projector, the warranty value is only 76.58%, it can be seen that the projector for education although in previous years very market, but now due to the rise of home projectors, gradually they need to be eliminated

3.The Chinese LCD technology LED projector has a long-term market

Volto has been in the field of intelligent large screen plowing, business including intelligent hardware, large screen operating system, basic service platform, APP products, etc., mastering the core technology of the projector, the product is sold out of stock several times a year, it can be said that demand exceeds supply.

On the contrary, other brands, in recent years, Polaroid projector after-sales problems constantly, users in the use of a lot of problems, many users said to buy back not used for a long time is broken, or Polaroid projector repair is particularly troublesome, repair costs are expensive and other problems.

The Epson BenQ projector products that use light bulbs are also troublesome to replace after a long time of use with severely damaged lenses

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