What should be paid attention to when using the projector

July 01, 2022

Many friends will find out why the life of their projectors is not as long as the propaganda says, and sometimes there will be spots and apertures on the screen; 

in fact, the seemingly airtight projector products will inhale a lot of light during use. 

What aspects should we pay attention to when using the projector? How should we maintain the projector? 

A very detailed reference, read carefully below.

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How to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the projector?

The answer is to maintain good usage habits and clean up frequently. Let's introduce how to do it one by one.


One: Common problems in the use of projectors

1. The brightness becomes dark, the screen appears spots, and the screen is blurred;


2. The color of the projection screen is lost and the lens is damaged;


3. The light bulb has a short service life, often shuts down automatically,

 and the internal hardware is seriously damaged.


Two: what causes


1. The lens of the projector is confused or darkened, possibly because there is dust attached to the lens, 

and the lens needs to be cleaned in an appropriate way;


2.  The color of the projected picture does not overlap or is lost and the lens is not equal,

 it may be because the projector collides during use, 

which makes the lens shift, so the phenomenon of the color of the picture does not overlap;


3. The service life of the lens or bulb is shortened because the projector absorbs some dust on it during use, 

which hinders the projector from working, so the service life of the lens and bulb is greatly reduced.



Three: daily and reasonable use


1. When turning on the home projector, you need to wait patiently for the projector to work. In the startup state, 

wait until the screen is completely displayed before starting to control the projector with the remote control and proceed to the next step;


2. Minimize the moving position of the projector, especially when the projector is working, the internal temperature of the machine continues to rise.

 At this time, it is best to shake the projector to keep the projector in a static state, otherwise the traditional light bulb machine will also cause the light bulb to burst. ;


3. When the projector is suddenly powered off, it should wait for the projector temperature to cool down completely before turning it on again; 

don't cut off the power suddenly after use, which will waste the machine very much. Be sure to put the machine into the standby state in order, 

and then go to Turn off the power;


4. If it has been used for too long, in summer or when the indoor temperature is high, reduce the use time of the projector.


Four: daily precautions and measures


1. Keep your daily cleanup


When cleaning the projector, do not touch the lens directly with your hands, 

wipe it with a cotton ball or a dust-free soft cloth; when cleaning the dust from the components, 

do not press the components with your hands, you can use a hair dryer to blow off part of the dust and then use a soft brush gently to clean.


It is very important to pay attention to the dustproof of the projector; 

try to avoid smoking next to the projector when using it, which is not good for the use of the projector.


2. Avoid collisions


The components and optical systems inside the projector are very meticulous. Usually, 

you should pay attention to the movement of the projector to reduce collisions; 

squeezing and collisions will cause irreversible consequences to the machine.


3. Do not turn off the power suddenly


After the projector is used, the internal temperature will still be very high, and the machine is also in a state of telling operation.

Wait until the projector is turned off and has cooled down for a period of time before unplugging the power supply;

if the power is suddenly turned off, the inside of the projector will be very difficult. Immediately dissipating heat, 

and suddenly turning off the power for a long time will cause serious damage to the internal components of the projector, 

and in severe cases, there will be an explosion.


4. Reduce boot frequency


The electronic components of the mini pocket projector will instantly use a large current to turn on the machine for a short time when it is powered on. 

Therefore, a certain voltage shock will be generated during this process, which is not good for the long-term use of the projector, 

so try to avoid frequent power on and off. .



Summary: The above is the maintenance of the projector and the reasonable daily use method. 

Everyone should study it carefully and treat it with heart to prolong the service life of the projector.

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