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July 08, 2022

The Higher Brightness, The Better?

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The Higher Brightness, The Better?

Volto projector

The higher brightness, the better? 

In fact, the human eye's perception of brightness is dynamic. 

When we choose a bi led projector, 

we need to choose according to the use environment, 

rather than just based on brightness. 


Because if the brightness is too high, 

it will look dazzling, 

and will also have a negative impact 

on the color performance and layering of the picture.


 In fact,

 the effect of the picture projected by the bi led projector

 is not only dependent on brightness, 

 but a combination of factors such as

 brightness, contrast, resolution, and imaging method ect.


so the key point is to figure out the environment 

in which the bi led projector is often used, 

so as to choose a bi led projector suitable for this environment, 

in order to bring you the best experience.

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