How to power an outdoor projector? Teach you how to use a camping projector

July 08, 2022

Home theater  LCD  portable projector also great for outside use

Recently, outdoor camping and outing have become a new trend in vacation travel, and this year's various small and long vacations have once become the "top trend". I

n the camping process, in order to increase the fun and drive the atmosphere, the projector has become a favorite of young users.

There is a small projector, which is convenient to carry out, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and movies with your family at night. What a wonderful thing.

How to power an outdoor projector? Teach you how to use a camping projector
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How should the outdoor projector be powered on, and what power solutions are there?
LCD projector can also suitable for outdoor use 

LCD projector can also suitable for outdoor use .

Solution 1: Connect to an outdoor power supply

Many users already have a home projector. If they cannot be used alone, they can choose to be equipped with an outdoor power supply to solve the power-on problem of the projector.

When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the power size and the number of ports. The power consumption of home projectors is large, so you need to have enough power to supply power to ensure sufficient power; With multiple types of power products, a single port may not meet the needs of use.

Solution two: Project with a portable built-in battery

Portable projection is different from conventional home projection in that it usually has a built-in battery and does not need to be connected to a power supply, which is suitable for outdoor use without electricity.

When purchasing, you can pay attention to the capacity of the battery. Usually, the larger the capacity, the stronger the battery life. You can choose a product with a battery life of more than three hours, such as the VOLTO SKY 009PRO portable projector, which supports 9600mAh battery capacity, and the ultra-long standby time can be support watching a movie

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