What are the major applications of pico projector

July 08, 2022

Function introduction of 5 major applications of pico projector

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Function introduction of 5 major applications of pico projector,

1. Completely replace MP5 player, video, reading office software (PPT, WORD, EXCEL), listening to songs, playing games, e-books, picture browsing, etc.

 MP5 video is affected by physical performance, the screen can not be bigger, and this portable projector The screen 30-200 inches.


2. Business office: instead of a large projector, it can be used for company meetings; the price of a large projector is $600 to $2500, and the lamp life is more than 1000  Hours, inconvenient to carry.

Micro projector, the price is about $170-$400, the lamp life is 30,000 hours, and the normal use can reach more than 10 years of life.

 It is easy to carry. You  only needs to bring the micro projector to demonstrate the new product, which can achieve the demonstration effect.


3. For business trips, due to the powerful decoding ability of the mini projector, its own memory and battery, it can read office software, pictures, PPT and other functions. 

The boss directly copies the data in the business trip, and demonstrates to customers to explain the company's products, etc.


4. Instead of the TV function, directly connect to the set-top box to put on the TV, which can be watched as TV or as a home theater effect;

 it is convenient to move and break through the traditional film and television space. Even if you are on the mountain, you can also share today's TV series, movies, MTV.


5. Teaching: training conferences, classroom teaching; traditional projectors are not easy to carry. In school classrooms, due to the naughty students,

 the projectors are not safe in the classrooms and are easily damaged by students. The portability of micro projectors makes up for the teaching vacancies.

In the future, teachers only need to store the materials in the projector and show them to students for teaching, saving the trouble of textbooks and handwriting with pens and chalks.


The MINI portable projector is very convenient and suitable for many scenarios, you can take it wherever you go. For more information, you can consult our projector manufacturer for better portable projector recommendations.

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