Do you wanna watch World Cup from Projector directly?

July 16, 2022

As we know, The  Qatar world Cup is coming soon, Do you wanna watch the  football match from youtube and with a big  screen?

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Glad  to share our New product Ray 403 LCD Projector wifi version built with  Youtube.


This  new released 600pixel  projector will help you stand out amoung  all the projectors in 480pixel and 720pixel with it's highest performance &  ratio.

we've  even made a comparison with the Ray 403 native 600P at 120ANSI lumens with  SUN610 native 1080p at 100ANSI lumens,

The  RAY403 is much better.  i can share with you the video comparison if you are  interested



 And  it  with WIFI mirror cast function, what's the most exciting, it's built in YOUTUBE. few projectors have youtube except with Android system and normally price will be high. 

This item the WIFI version with Youtube built in,  you'll enjoy millions of videos online.


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