how to do if the hard disk is inserted into the Volto projector and cannot be recognized?

July 16, 2022

We often use mobile hard disks to store movies, because mobile hard disks have a large capacity

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Then we first know the hard disk: 

Hard drives are divided into mechanical hard drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD).

The mechanical hard disk is the traditional ordinary hard disk, which is mainly composed of: platter, magnetic head, platter rotating shaft and control motor,

 magnetic head controller, data converter, interface, cache and other parts.

Solid State Drives , referred to as Solid State Drives, Solid State Drives (Solid State Drives) are hard drives made of solid-state electronic storage chip arrays, 

consisting of a control unit and a storage unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). The specification and definition of the interface, function and usage of the solid-state drive are exactly 

the same as those of the traditional hard drive, and the product shape and size are completely the same as the traditional hard drive, but the I/O performance is greatly improved 

compared to the traditional hard drive.

How to operate the projector not recognized?

1. The projector only supports the two formats of FAT-32 and NTFS. It is necessary to verify whether the hard disk is in these two formats;

a) Verification method: After inserting the computer into the hard disk, right-click the option "Properties", and the "General" item in the properties window will display the format of the hard disk. 

If Exfat is displayed, it is not the two formats of the projector. , then you need to change the file format by formatting the hard disk;

b) How to format the hard disk: After entering the hard disk, right-click to select "Format Options", select the desired file format in the pop-up dialog box, and click to start formatting the hard disk.

Note: Formatting the hard disk will clear the hard disk. data, you need to back up the hard disk data first. (Same for U disk)

2. If all partitions cannot be recognized after your hard disk is inserted into the projector, it may be that the hard disk is too large, resulting in insufficient power supply current of the USB interface of the projector. You can try the following methods to solve this problem;

a) Consider switching to a double-headed Y-type USB mobile hard disk data cable; a USB head is connected to the Volto projector; a USB interface is connected to a common mobile phone charger, and the power is drawn from the AC socket; a connector is connected to the hard disk;

3. Try to replace the mobile hard disk;

4. Connect a mouse to determine whether it is an interface problem. If it is an interface problem, please contact our customer service.

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