What it Wifi version projector ??

July 29, 2022

WiFi Vversion == Wireless Projectors

Wireless projectors allow you to display the videos or pictures on your phone throgh a projector without running a single wire. (Haha ,but remenver to plug the projector ) 

Now you can project documents, presentation and video in real time from a source as far as 100 feet away.

How these projectors receive the information varies. Some wireless projectors include a built-in wireless card. Others require an optional accessory, like a USB dongle. Some projectors use an app installed in your smartphone or tablet to display presentations and documents stored on your mobile device. Others work with your existing Wi-Fi network.

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What Makes a Projector Wireless

Firstly, let’s understand what a wireless projector is, or put differently, what makes a projector wireless.

Generally, wireless networking (Wi-Fi) technology uses radio waves to achieve high-speed Internet and network connections. When you use Wi-Fi, devices are connected without any cables. Those devices are able to communicate with each other without any wires connecting them, because the communication is by radio waves.

A wireless projector is a projector that is enabled to use wireless connectivity, that is, to connect with other wireless-enabled devices via wireless communication. The projector may have a built-in wireless card to enable the wireless connections or require a wireless adapter or USB dongle. When you a projector wirelessly, it is by radio waves and there will be no cable to connect your devices. That’s absolutely tidy!

Apart from being a clean solution that enhances the tidiness of your presentation environment, having wireless connectivity also adds more flexibility to your connectivity. When a presenter has a PC or other device that doesn’t have VGA or HDMI port, but has wireless access, having a wireless projector means the presentation can proceed wirelessly.

Some projectors are wireless out of the box. The manufacturer builds in the necessary wireless features, usually a WiFi card. While such wireless projectors have it fully built-in, many other projectors use a USB device (called USB wireless adapter or USB wireless dongle) to enable wireless connectivity.

For projectors that require a USB wireless adapter (dongle) to active their wireless connectivity, you will find two main supply options: the adapter is supplied in the projector pack with the projector, or it is not. In the latter case, the wireless connectivity is made optional by the manufacturer.

The idea of optional wireless is that the cost of the wireless adapter is not included in the product cost, unlike when it is in the pack. Optional wireless is where the manufacturer builds a wireless projector, but does not include the USB adapter in the product carton, letting you decide whether to buy the adapter (sold separately) or continue to use your projector with cables like VGA, HDMi, etc.

The point must be made that a wireless projector will usually still have other connection options like HDMI, VGA, etc. That means that you can still connect it with cables, if you so choose. That will be necessary when a device to be connected to the projector is found not the have wireless connectivity.

Note also, that most other projectors can also be used wirelessly, if you get a compatible universal wireless adapter to do so. That means that your current projector, which is not wireless, can be used wirelessly, with a matching universal adapter. That’s not readily so, because you must first source a universal wireless adapter that can enable it. One such device is called Airtime. The InFocus LiteShow is also a possibility. However, because you may have difficulty finding one of these devices, it is advisable to buy a wireless projector outright, if just buying a projector now. That is, if what you require is a wireless projector.

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