Projector Market Opportunities and Trends in 2022 World Cup

September 09, 2022

Are hastate when you want to star  the video projector business? what you are concernt about? 

here I would like to share with you the projector market trends in 4th quater this 2022.

Nothing beats watching it on a Big screen. Whether you want to watch football, 

a TV show or a movie, a theater-sized screen offers a more fun and immersive experience than any TV. 

So how about the Trends of the mini projector in the next half year?

Projector Market Opportunities and Trends in 2022 World Cup
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1. Projector & World Cup

The quadrennial World Cup is coming, and for fans, the long-awaited feast is about to unfold. 

For watching football, the small screen is definitely not powerful. 

Mobile phones, notebooks, and even LCD TVs cannot meet the needs of many people watching football.

It can be said that every year of the World Cup, home projectors can sell a lot, after all, watching the screen size of 100-300 inches is really cool.

Unlike previous years, the 2022 Qatar World Cup consumers have more choices.

Four years ago, projector products were still dominated by traditional light sources, that is, bulb light sources, and the prices were relatively expensive. 

Nowadays, laser light sources and LED light sources have become common, the emergence of new categories such as laser projector and pico projectors has provided enough choices for watching the ball on the big screen and the price is cheap enough.

2. Projector & Christmas

Portable projectors are designed to be taken anywhere, so you can set them up anywhere and enjoy the big-screen action on the go.

In 2022, this Christmas, there will be more family gatherings to make up for the regrets left over from last year's New Year. This year's projectors will also have better sales opportunities, and customers will need more entertainment products with a party nature, such as large-screen projection of projectors, speakers, etc.

Gifts are an integral part of Christmas, there are also miniature projector models with unique designs, which are gift-like, ranging from $20 to $300, suitable for unique Christmas gifts to children and friends.

2022 is a special year with both challenges and opportunities. The challenges and opportunities is a new hot-selling peak for projectors. While the world economy has not fully recovered, the projector in consumer product category continues to rise. Now is the Super September purchasing peak season, many suppliers will give you discount and coupons for promotion to get more order. It is time for you to prepare stocks for these two grand festivals .

Volto projector factory are in the promotion this Super september, if you have any needs, feel free to ask us the projector, no matter you want a projector for Chrismas gift, home theater for World Cup, business projector and education projector, we can give the factory qoute !

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