When shot out projector screen why there will be rainbow pattern? Does viewing have an effect? | Volto Projector

October 28, 2022

I'm sure many projector users will see rainbow patterns in their videos when they take videos to show off their projector viewing effects. 

The projector screen shot out why there will be rainbow pattern? Here's the answer to your question.

When shot out projector screen why there will be rainbow pattern? Does viewing have an effect? | Volto Projector
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01/ What is a projector rainbow pattern

Projector rainbow pattern refers to the projection screen in the local red, green and blue color image, and must be in the camera or cell phone when shooting video, pictures in the camera,

that is to say, the human eye will not appear rainbow pattern phenomenon. As in the Picture, 

our Sky 117 has a rainbow pattern when taken with a cell phone,

but in fact the effect is very comfortable to our naked eye, and there is no rainbow pattern.

02/ Why is there a rainbow pattern on the projector screen?

The main reason for the rainbow pattern on the projector screen in the camera shot is that the projector uses a single light modulator light machine, which is a single DMD light machine. 

The color of a single DMD light machine is synthesized by a rapidly rotating color wheel, and according to the color wheel segmentation, 

only one of the colors of red, green and blue can be displayed at the same moment.White, for example, is synthesized by red, green, blue time-sharing display.

The rainbow pattern in the camera is also because the camera, cell phone camera shutter time response is very fast,

In some time, some images captured in the screen will exist red, green and blue rainbow pattern phenomenon. 

This phenomenon can exist in DLP projectors, whether it is LED light source, lamp light source, or even laser light source.

03/Whether the rainbow pattern will affect the viewing

The rainbow pattern does not affect viewing. 

The reaction speed of the human eye is not as fast as the shutter time of the camera, and the images you see are all red, green, and blue time-division display and synthesis

So the rainbow pattern will not appear in normal viewing, only in the pictures or photos taken by the camera. will exist.

To sum up: projector rainbow phenomenon is simply DLP projector color wheel causes. In fact, the rainbow pattern phenomenon does not need to be overly entangled, rainbow pattern for viewing is not affected; and this also belongs to the industry common problem, no matter what light source you are projector equipment, as long as the DLP display technology, the use of a single DMD optical machine, there will be rainbow pattern phenomenon.

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