The advantages of installing a projector instead of a TV at home

June 25, 2021

In modern home decoration, the projector has become a new TV wall design scheme. While replacing the TV, it also brings a different kind of experience to our lives.

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The image below shows the results of a poll about whether people prefer a TV or a projector when they decorating their houses. 

1.The living room and dining room are integrated, cancel the TV wall

If you want a large space in a small living room without furniture in the middle, it is best to use a projector instead. 

In a small living room, if the sofa or TV cabinet is placed in the middle, the entire living room and dining room will be very crowded, and the activity space also will be limited. In this case, the sofa and the dining table can be placed at both ends. Then add an electric screen on the ceiling between the living room and the dining room, you can put it down when you are watching a movie, and put it away when you don't watch it. That will make the living room keep the space spacious.

2.Special structure of TV wall

There are special circumstances on the TV wall, such as an indoor window. If you install a TV cabinet and a TV, the uniformity of the wall is usually not well designed. And it is easy to block the windows. For the use of space and beauty, you can use the projector instead of the TV. Usually put away the screen without looking at it. The purpose is to maintain the function and beauty of the wall.

3.Maintain the integrity of the TV wall background

The TV wall has made a beautiful background. If you put it on a TV, this exquisite background will be blocked. At this time, the curtain is closed when not in use, the background wall is exposed to be very high-end. When you need to watch TV, you can use it by dropping the curtain, which is beautiful and practical.

The background of the TV wall is very atmospheric, but it is blocked by the TV. The projection screen can keep the background wall exposed.

4. Small apartment needs to be stored

In a small-sized living room, if you want to make the TV wall into a storage cabinet, in order to improve the storage design of the space. You can cancel the TV in order to improve the storage design of the space. The entire TV wall is customized with storage cabinets, and then the projector is used to replace TV. It is also a very practical solution to install a projection screen on the top of the cabinet, so that it can store and protect the basic functions of the TV. With a projector, the TV wall can be filled with cabinets.

5.Small apartment needs to be stored

Many young people install projector instead of TV purely because they like the big screen viewing experience. After work, you can connect a somatosensory game console to experience a large-screen gaming experience at home, which is a good choice for friends and family gatherings.


There are 100-inch TVs on the market requires thousands USD to buy. Even if you have money to buy them arbitrarily, the elevator is small, etc. factors, they may not be able to be moved back. Therefore, the projector is naturally the cost-effective choice for "home theater".

6.More choices to meet different needs

Of course, you can also choose to install both the TV and the projector. The reason for this is to facilitate the different needs of the family. For example, in a family of three generations, the elderly are used to watching TV, so they feel dizzy when watching the projector. While the young people prefer large-screen projection and stimulation.

In order to weigh the needs of good family members, you can choose to install both the projector and the TV. During the day the old people watch TV, the young people go to work, and the young people can watch the projector at night when they go home.

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