What is a ultra-short throw laser projector?

June 29, 2021

Short throw laser projectors have a ultra-short throw ratio than normal projectors. That is the ratio of the distance between the projector and the screen to the screen size. It is a major advancement in the field of projection. The projector can project images onto a large screen (70 inches or more) from a few inches away from the screen surface. The situation of walking in front of the projector and blocking the picture on the screen will no longer exist. With the help of an ultra-short throw projector, you can watch bright and colorful large-screen images in any room, classroom and conference room.

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What are the benefits of ultra-short throw laser projectors for us?

The advantages that laser projectors bring us have been recognized by the market, such as schools, homes, shops, etc. are not satisfied with laser projectors. They need ultra-short-throw laser projectors so that teachers will not throw their arms and body on the blackboard during lectures. The home theater does not have to worry about damaging the decorated house due to the installation of the projector, but directly put it in the cabinet.

1. Laser light source, long lifespa

As a brand-new projection light source, laser projection solves many problems encountered in previous projectors, such as lifespan, color, power consumption, and so on. It is undeniable that all light-emitting devices generate heat, and heat is the fatal source of reduced service life.

2. High purity, large color gamut, amazing imaging effect

The laser light source makes full use of the characteristics of laser wavelength selection and high spectral brightness, so the displayed image has a larger color gamut. Its color gamut coverage can reach more than 2 times that of phosphors, which can reach more than 90% of the color space that the human eye can recognize. The laser is a line spectrum with high color saturation, which completely breaks through the lack of color gamut space of the previous 3 generations of display technology. It realizes the most perfect color reproduction in human history, allowing people to see the most real world through the display terminal.

The laser light source uses very high-purity red, green, and blue primary color light sources, which can achieve a color space far larger than the minimum color range of traditional NTSC or DCI. It can show the colors that most human eyes can recognize. Regardless of which white field chromaticity standard is adopted, it is easy to realize a laser light source that can be accurately controlled for the three primary colors of red, green, and blue.

3. Color is abundant and accurate & Image should not be blurred

Ordinary projectors require us to be placed as close to the screen as possible, but laser projectors do not have this problem. Even if the "projection head" is placed in the corner, the projected image will not be deformed. There will be no ambiguity in any place. The laser projector can achieve a color space far larger than the traditional light source, and its color performance capability is more than twice that of the bulb projector. The color saturation reaches the extreme, which can reproduce the colors of nature in the most authentic way.

4. High chroma, shocking visual effects

In the display effect, the laser projector simulates natural colors. Therefore, the colors and levels are also richer. The wavelength of the light is fixed, so it looks very comfortable without the uncomfortable feeling of the light bulb. However, laser projectors using laser light sources have long-term output image quality that maintains high brightness, color saturation and contrast due to the low attenuation characteristics of the light source, and the image colors are always as bright as new.

5.High power, high efficiency, low power consumption

The high-purity red, green, and blue primary color laser light produced by the laser with a wavelength line width of less than 1nm can be used by the projector 100%. Moreover, the laser does not need to use a reflector to collect the beam, and the optical coupling and integration efficiency of multiple lasers can reach more than 95% with optical fibers. The overall energy utilization efficiency of the laser light source of the laser projector is much higher than that of any bulb light source, so that the power consumption of the laser light source is much lower than that of the xenon bulb when the light output is the same. At the same time, the heat generation of the laser is much smaller than that of the bulb light source. Therefore, the laser light source saves power and generates low heat.

Ultra-short throw laser projectors will be more widely used in the future, let us meet the new short-focus era, which make our lives better!

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