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September 30, 2022

People who have used projectors can easily find a phenomenon, standing next to the projector will feel the gust of hot wind. 

So have you guys ever wondered why projectors get hot? 

This article will explain the phenomenon of projector heat, and how to effectively dissipate heat.

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First projector why will be hot

The projector has a very important component, which is the lamp. Projectors want clear images, one of the first conditions is that there must be enough brightness, so many projectors have very high lamp power. So when we open the projector, the bulb begins to run in the small space inside the projector, we use the projector to watch a movie takes about two hours or more, so the long work will make the projector bulb generate a huge amount of heat. The projector comes with its own cooling fan, and while the projector generates heat, the cooling fan will also dissipate that heat, so the projector's cooling holes will discharge a large amount of hot air, which is a very normal phenomenon.

Due to the development of the smart era, the projector industry has produced many projectors with built-in smart systems in response to most people's usage requirements, which has led to an increase in the number of accessories inside the projector. When the projector works, each accessory generates heat, and the heat of the projector naturally increases a lot.

However, the heat generated by the projector mentioned above is within the normal range, which means that the heat emitted by the projector is felt to be warm by human beings. But sometimes when we touch the projector we feel that the projector's shell is very hot, which may be a problem with the projector's cooling system. If the projector has been working for too long, such as the projector has been working continuously for five or six hours, then its heat dissipation rate will be greatly reduced, heat accumulation in the internal can not be excluded will lead to the projector's shell heating up or even hot. Or the projector's heat sink hole is blocked, resulting in the projector's heat did not do emitted, internal heat has been gathered will also cause the projector's body shell hot.

Second, the projector how to effectively dissipate heat

If the projector heat dissipation is not timely, will produce many problems. In a small way, the projector works for a long time in a high-temperature state, which will make the projector's efficiency greatly reduced, and the projector's life will be shortened. What's more, if the projector doesn't dissipate heat well, the heat continues to increase in the projector's internal space, which will lead to the projector's lens, display chip, optical machine and other component devices having the possibility of being burned. So the projector heat must be good, we can ensure that the projector effective heat dissipation through the following aspects.

1, installation environment

When we buy back the projector, whether it is placed directly on the cabinet or using a variety of installation methods such as hanging, wall hanging, etc., you need to place the projector in the surrounding ventilated environment, and the projector around and the projector body do not accumulate other debris. We can open the projector and feel its heat sink location with our hands, and then the side of the heat sink is located in an open environment. And don't put the projector in a high temperature environment, which is also not conducive to the projector's heat dissipation.

2, regular cleaning

As most of the projector cooling port is hollow design, air circulation will make a lot of dust accumulation in the location of the vent, if not cleaned for a long time will lead to the projector inside and outside the air is obstructed, that is, the projector cooling rate decreases, the projector will naturally get hot. So we have to regularly clean up the projector internal dust, debris buildup, generally can go to the special repair projector place for disassembly and cleaning.

3, to ensure heat dissipation

The projector's continuous working time should not exceed four hours, as said before the projector continuous working time will lead to weak heat dissipation function. So try not to turn on the projector for a whole day, or never turn off the projector. When the projector needs to run for a long time, it is best to let the projector rest for half an hour or so every four hours, so that the projector can cool down and thus ensure its heat dissipation rate.

In addition, when we do not use the projector do not rush to cut off its power, because the power is turned off the projector cooling fan will also stop working, then there is no way to spread out the residual heat inside the projector. We should first use the remote control or the top shutdown button to turn off the projector, wait for the cooling fan to dissipate all the residual heat inside the projector, and then cut off the power.

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